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Leadership Provider

Perfect for FTOs, Supervisors, Managers, & Executives.

Executive, Leadership, & Life Coaches

Access to LION Leadership Curriculum

Customized Development Plan to Institutionalize a Leadership Philosophy

On-site Personnel for Organizational Development

Team Building Activities

Prescriptive Training Plans for All or Selected Employees

Professional Standards Hub

Empathetic Workplace

Build a Culture Blueprint

Leadership Boundaries 

Leadership Engagement

Mitigate Unbudgeted Liabilities

Risk Management Assessment

Resilience Provider

Ideal for the Entire Department.

Executive, Leadership, & Life Coaches

Resilience Culture Development

Emotional Wellbeing Assessment & Development

Mental Model of Resilience

Resilience B.A.D.G.E. 

Police Life Cycle Assessment

Stress Management

Strategies for Mitigating Conflict

Support System for Fostering Psychological Safety

Courageous Culture Development

Methods for Building or Rebuilding Social & Political Capital

ESG Provider

Ideal for the Entire Department.

Executive, Leadership, & Life Coaches

Blind Spot Development

Self Awareness for Employees

Counteracting Unconcious Bias

Fostering an Inclusive Climate

Improving Staff Engagement

Communication & Counseling

Drive Business Values by Implementing a Sound ESG Strategy Across Organization (Best Practice Policy Review)

EEOC Fortified

Holistic ESG Mindset Development

ESG Strategies for Institutionalization

Recruitment & Retention Practices

Assistance with Diversifying the Workforce/Microlevel Strategies

Spiritual Provider

Ideal for the Entire Department.

Spiritual Leadership

Develop a Solid Moral Foundation 

Psychological Transformation: Core Values & Guiding Principles

Explore the Law of Three:

Affirming Force, Denying Force,

& Reconciliation

Spiritual Temperature Gauge

Become a Person of Influence:

Model – Motivate – Mentor – Multiply

Explore Your Spiritual Core

Seven Principals of Leadership Engagement

Communication & Counseling 

Behavioral Science, Neuroscience, & Spirituality

Connecting Dots

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