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Create a culture of focus, resilience, and high performance from the top down. We train leaders to embody presence and emotional intelligence to transform organizations. The world needs leaders who are entrenched in social and emotional wellness. When attending the Institute, you will learn to pursue a true passion for leadership through intentional effort and discipline in your personal and work life. Our training is open to anyone interested in deepening and strengthening their leadership skills. The only prerequisites are a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and become comfortable being uncomfortable, to give and receive feedback on strengths and blind spots, and to learn with and from others.

We have partnered with many organizations and helped develop thousands of leaders. We work with leadership at all levels, from front-line supervisors to senior management executives, to develop and enhance their skills by engaging them in challenging, interactive sessions. We have developed over 100 in-person or online training programs, each carefully designed to address an essential element of workplace safety and health—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We offer broad topics vital to any organization, such as onboarding and socialization, ethical dimensions of leadership, and shaping organizational culture. We also dive deeply into areas specific to first responders and their unique challenges.

Our ultimate goal is to help you implement innovative learning solutions. As such, our instructional designers will work with you to customize a program according to your specific needs, including a role-specific curriculum for any division within your organization. We assess your learning needs and the demographic profile of your target audience, develop your specialized program, and choose from our diverse pool of seasoned facilitators to lead your team’s session. Each experience is filled with exploration, self-examination, hard work, learning, and growth at every level.

In addition to private workshops within your organization, we consistently offer open sessions for sign-up. Your organization can also host an open session, which comes with its benefits!

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360 Leadership

Leadership Character

Expose to Close the Gap

Transformational Leadership

The Synergy of Organizational Effectiveness

The Ethical Dimension of Leadership

The Art & Science of Body Language

Onboarding & Socialization

Shaping Organizational Behavior

Organizational Buffering

Performance & Accountability

Mitigating Workplace Dysfunction & Violence

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