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Altering an organization’s culture.

Cultural change is a component within the overall concept of organizational change management.  In fact, it is the most crucial component when you courageously decide to commit yourself toward transforming any organization.  Cultural change entails shifting the organization's underlying values, belief systems, and social norms to align them more closely with industry best practices and specific Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) archetypes.  


This requires all, but not limited to, the following: leadership engagement strategies, psychological safety implementation and processes, awareness training cycles, implicit bias, blind spot trainings, and risk management rooted policies and procedures.  With that, it is also critical that the leader-manager understand that the sum of a person within their human resources pool makes them unique to the point that no one can be made equal to another; however, like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, an effective leader-manager leverages individuals’ unique skill sets, experiences, and motivations to build disciplined, cohesive, and high-performing teams that are capable of effectively and decisively overcoming any impediments to the achievement of shared change management goals.

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