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“Resilience is a journey, with many ebbs and flows. Ride the waves.”

– Mike Alexander

Work environments can create daily challenges that employees perceive they have to endure.  That process is often referred to as “the grind.”  Major events outside of work, including personal trauma, psychological issues, and recurrent bad memories, can also influence an individual’s performance at their job.  Some employees will decide to power through it to create the illusion of “business as usual.” Still, without the proper tools to deal with the underlying causes, they can experience a whole new set of issues detrimental to them and their work environment.

The LION Institute provides a foundation for business resilience.  That happens on two levels.

The Company Level

The organization must monitor challenges that business logistics create and be aware that employees may have individual issues.  In addition, they need to ensure the company’s larger objectives are clear so that employees understand their role in the overall vision.  That clarity enables the leadership and individuals to focus on the same business goals while helping employees get the tools they need to address their issues.

The Employee Level

We help the staff by providing them with tools to deal with their concerns, including:

  • Emotional Regulation: Remaining calm under pressure.

  • Impulse Control: Shutting out distractions & restraining reactions.

  • Causal Analysis: Identifying the cause of a problem.

  • Sell-Efficacy: Being capable & confident.

  • Realistic Optimism

  • Empathy: Reading themselves & others.

  • Reaching Out for Help: Seeking new opportunities & challenges, as well as, relationships with people & organizations.

The combination of those will transform the work environment from somewhere people are surviving to a place they are thriving. With the correct tools in hand, each person is empowered not only to address their issues but also to grow from overcoming adverse situations.  Our goal with the LION Resilience Institute is to provide such a framework so all of your team can refocus their energy to be open to new methods and create new steps towards the company’s vision.



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