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Track 1:

Spiritual Wellness is important because when our community dials 911, they are literally dialing HOPE. Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion, and Vulnerability need to be stabilized or restored into the very soul of a police officer in order to increase the probability of officers arriving at the scene of the caller as HOPE. To make this happen, we need to consider the following. All living beings and systems have fail-safe mechanisms that can malfunction under stressful circumstances and eventually collapse when conditions are intense enough. Anyone (police officer, emergency responder, or an actual or vicarious witness of traumatic scenes) can reach and exceed saturation point when exposed to the highly inflammatory emotional and sensory stimuli associated with continuous grief. No one is immune, especially police officers. Each police officer, like any human being, can be pushed beyond the limit of his psychological capacity and endurance to a point at which they become overwhelmed. The only thing we’ve found that can restore or stabilize the soul of a police officer is a spiritual wellness foundation. 
Although most police officers and police departments prepare their officers for daily work on the street of enduring an awful montage of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch experiences. Over long periods of time, these very things can assault an officer's emotional Achilles heel. Therefore a spiritual wellness foundation is essential.

"The purpose of my instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, & genuine faith.
But people have missed this whole point."

1 Timothy 1:5-6

Track 2:

Throughout her history, the Church has been known as sanctified. In other words, she was separated from the world. She did not look like the world, sound like the world, or act like the world. This was why people were drawn to her in the first place. She was different from anything else in the world.


Track two is a spiritual renewal in that we will assist you with engaging and navigating interactions in a spiritual way. Engagement and navigation impact all emotionally. It will give you a higher EQ to understand those around you and adjust your emotions and behavior accordingly.

In a workplace setting, spiritual employees that use their EI create advantages in their career growth and benefits for the organization. A workforce composed of spiritually and emotionally aware employees promotes team interactions and contributes to creating a pleasant work culture.

As we see an increase in active shooters across this nation, the heart of loving yourself must be connected to how you love others. It begins with you receiving love from God and seeing yourself through His love for you. The end result is that others are blessed with genuine love that flows through you.  “Lovers of themselves,” as mentioned in Scriptural warnings, takes the concept of true love and hijacks it. Below are the results of hijacked love.

  • Difficult Times:  Certainly, many would say our times are difficult.

  • Lovers of Self: People sure do look out for number one over everything else.

  • Lovers of Money: We are a money-loving world.

  • Boastful, Arrogant, Revilers: All true of people today.

  • Disobedient to Parents: Defiant, disorderly, contrary, & naughty.

  • Ungrateful, Unholy, Unloving: Discounting His salvation & turning away from Him. 

  • Malicious Gossipers: One who reveals secrets & goes about as a talebearer or scandalmonger.

  • Unforgiving: Grudges or dishonesties, greed, selfishness, or stinginess, will touch you.

  • Without Self-Control: Absolutely!

  • Brutal, Haters of Good, Treacherous, Reckless, Conceited: All are true in the world we live in.

  • Lovers of Pleasure Rather than Lovers of God: It’s all about what makes people feel good, & God has been removed from all areas of life.

  • Holding to a Form of Godliness, Although They Have Denied its Power: Everyone thinks they’re good people & going to Heaven, though they want nothing to do with the God who is in Heaven.

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