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Herald Wright

Dr. Harold Wright

Strategic Advisor

A Bit About Me

Harold Wright has over three decades in education and possesses a proven record for educational leadership in his
capabilities to set the vision and ensure the execution of the district's mission and goals. He has a broad 
background with extensive administrative experience ranging from successfully serving as a Principal at all 
school levels to Executive Director of School Leadership, supporting schools at the district level. Harold served 
over four years as the Texas Education Agency’s State Director of Community and University 
Partnerships, working with underperforming school districts and schools in a turnaround project. In this 
role, he supported personnel at the district level to raise their participating schools’ accountability ratings by 
one or more letter-grade outcomes. As part of the program, there was an intense focus on early childhood 
improvements in which all programs had increased with their kinder readiness outcomes and parent 


Mr. Wright currently serves as the Deputy Superintendent of Crowley ISD with the primary function of providing 
leadership support and service to school principals. This role also allows him to provide leadership to the 
Curriculum and Instruction Department, Student Services Department, and School District Finance 
Department, as well as coaching and leadership to the Executive Directors/Principal Supervisors in the School 
Leadership Department. While serving in this role, Harold has supported improvement in the district attaining a 
B state accountability rating and with most schools attaining an A or B rating for academic achievement. He 
is currently providing support for the District’s Facility’s Planning Committee with the expectation of an 
over $1 billion-dollar bond election in May 2023 to build new schools in a fast growth school district. 
Mr. Wright's educational background includes a Master’s degree from Stephen F. Austin State University, with an 
undergraduate from Texas A&M – Commerce. He defended his dissertation and graduated with his 
doctorate from St. Thomas University in Education Leadership and Management in December 2020. 

Harold's past accolades include winning a state football championship as an assistant coach in Tyler ISD, being 
recognized as a top-performing principal in Dallas ISD, receiving recognition from the state for achieving 
excellence as a higher-performing school (Harry Stone Montessori) in Dallas ISD, advocating for PTA, and 
being inducted into the Dallas School Administrators Association Hall of Fame for his dedication to 
excellence and leadership.

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