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Dr. Todd A. Radford

Dr. Todd A. Radford

Strategic Advisor

A Bit About Me

Dr. Todd A. Radford has a unique law enforcement background spanning over 30 years. Recently, he retired from law enforcement as a chief of police. Dr. Radford’s experiences in policing range from city, county, and state jurisdictions,  including positions ranging from patrol deputy to detective to various other police roles, culminating in his appointment as chief of police.


Since 2000, Dr. Radford has been the owner and CEO of his facilitation and consulting business. He has conducted training courses across the United States, Canada, and overseas. His unique and dynamic instructional style results from over 25 years of facilitation experience and formal studies.

Dr. Radford serves on multiple boards and committees due to his extensive knowledge of policing and executive leadership. He currently serves on the Department of Public Safety Wellness Institute board, the SIGMA Tactical Wellness board, and the FBI – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association’s curriculum design committee.

As a chief of police, Dr. Radford was the first chief in Texas to implement the use of body cameras by his patrol force. He was the first to have his entire patrol force certified as mental health officers and firefighters. He was the first chief of police in Texas to have a three-tiered wellness program for all certified personnel, which included fitness testing, comprehensive cardiac and medical screenings, nutritional counseling, and a mandated yearly psychological review.

Dr. Radford is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute of Police (PERF). Dr. Radford is a graduate and a former instructor for the International Association of Police – Leading Police Organizations program, commonly known as the West Point Leadership for Police program. Dr. Radford is a graduate and currently a national instructor for the FBI – Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) Trilogy courses.

Dr. Radford holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, a Master of Science degree in Strategic Leadership, and a Doctorate in Executive Leadership from the University of Charleston in West Virginia. For all of Dr. Radford’s accomplishments, personally and professionally, nothing is more important than his family. He has been married to a wonderful Texas woman for over 32 years. He and his wife have two sons, serving as police officers and firefighters in Central Texas.

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