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Evan Barbee

Strategic Advisor & Coach

A Bit About Me

Evan Barbee was volunteering in India in 2010 when a chance encounter led her to the Enneagram, and an immediate and profound appreciation of this work took root in her life. First and foremost a devoted student, she has studied with the Enneagram Institute and TNE, the two foremost schools in the world.


She is currently working to complete her certification as a Narrative Enneagram Teacher and Practitioner. Evan is honored to serve on the board of TNE and is focused on broadening the platform for this work at both the local and national levels. It is her desire to assist in capturing a wider audience among the younger generation while maintaining the spirit, the method, and the teaching standards of the Narrative Tradition.


Her work is directly informed by her own experience and has helped shape a long-term goal of bringing the Enneagram into high-trauma, low-resource populations, and to any individuals who might not otherwise have access to personal development work.


For the past two years, she has volunteered as an educator in a DCSO program serving incarcerated women. Evan is a coach, writer, and educator based in Nashville, TN.

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