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Dr. Deborah Egerton

Strategic Communications Advisor & I.D.E.A. Expert

A Bit About Me

Deborah Threadgill Egerton, Ph.D. is an internationally respected speaker, psychotherapist, educator, change agent, and coach. Dr. Egerton is often described as an unforgettable career thought leader and authentic inspirational teacher. She brings her expertise in Executive coaching, personality assessment, individual and organizational development and servant leadership to create an experience that will rejuvenate your spirit, reclaim your core values and re-energize your life. 

Dr. Egerton is the Founder and President of Trinity Transition Consultants and retains an impressive roster of clients.  She facilitates career growth and personal development with individuals and organizations by focusing her efforts on respecting the uniqueness of every individual and honoring the humanity in us all. Dr. Egerton is an IEA-certified Enneagram practitioner and utilizes this personality archetype for introspective self-discovery. Deborah is a Board member of the International Enneagram Association, (IEA). Deborah’s work and teaching around the world with the Enneagram has enabled her clients to get “unstuck” and move out of self-defeating negative behavioral patterns. This work led to the founding of The Platinum connection, a positive space to connect individuals from all parts of the world to celebrate their differences and similarities.    

She holds a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Texas, an MA in Counseling Psychology, from Webster University, and Ph.D. Health Sciences Saba University.

Deborah’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion movement “The Platinum Connection” is founded on her experiences as an Enneagram and DE&I practitioner, organizational development consultant, executive coach, corporate facilitator, and family woman and friend. The Platinum Connection will have a global launch in 10 countries later this year. Deborah hosted a weekly Voice America radio show “Exploring the Enneagram with Dr. E” and her television teaching series on the new Transformational TV platform is launching in July 2020.

Your Personality-Your Passion-Your Purpose:
“Why do we do what we do? Nature and nurture have contributed to who we are, however, it is important to remember that we came into this world with a core personality template. We can explore that template and unlock the key to manifesting the best of who we are. Understanding our own behaviors are key to regaining the passion behind our purpose. We often see ourselves very differently from how others experience us. A human being's capacity to experience themselves as others do is quite limited. We do not all think alike. We do not all behave in the same way and we often come from different backgrounds and therefore, have very different perspectives. Working with the Enneagram can move your head from confusion to understanding, your heart from sorrow to relief, and your reactions from anger to empathy. Options and answers appear that we did not know were possible. This is an experience that will be a gift to you and to everyone that is part of your journey. Be prepared for many  “Aha” moments.”


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